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25 September 2014 @ 01:32 am
Typography ♡  
Hi there ^^

I've been not quite busy, and there's nothing much going on my life nowadays. I mean, it's pretty much the same, and nothing interesting happened lately. If there is, then maybe it's not worth mentioning.

But I feel a strong urge to post something. To write about something. But currently, there's too much on my mind that I don't know which topic to pick and talk about.

Anyway, I'm currently on the crave of going inside an illegal place. a bar perhaps. or a disco. or a club.

I just want to have a look on what's inside there. Hands on experience as they say. But, a crowded noisy smoky dimly-lit place isn't my cup of coffee. But, I am interested to go into a casino blame Hana Yori Dango SP for that

And that leads to me, craving to sneak out from house at night. Not that I have a family problem, but well... blame Love Letters To The Dead for that
So there's this place near my house that has a coffee shop with the interior designed similarly to a bar *according to this one review I read* and it opened till 2am. So, darling, please bring me here if you were to help me sneak out one night ^^

Oh and just a while ago not so a while ago actually... about 6pm just now I re-watched Chinen and Yuya's trip to France, and I really really REALLY want to go paragliding and eat cheese fondue! And what's more, I want to go there with the one and only person I want to go with. What am I talking about.. That doesn't make sense Yeah well I'm in a hurry because I have to prepare for tomorrow's lecture and sleep early so please ignore any spelling or fragments or any mistakes I did. *lol, that coming from a grammar nazi haha*

Just so that it fits the title... *points to subject*
 photo typography_poster__loki_quote__by_bladelmtd-d62hc9b_zpsbfed7b56.jpg
Scratches head. Actually, I couldn't find the picture that made me fall in love with typography, but it was something like this. Note the design, not the saying.

 photo inoochan2_zpsd16d0f05.png
Found it! And there's pretty Inoo-chan, with his ever-so-sexy lips!

See? White with hints of black. Just my type of art. And I strongly think that Loki said the above, because of the line "In the end, you will always kneel". But I couldn't be too sure. Anyway, lately, there isn't much typography that I'm fond of. Maybe I set my expectations up too high, so nothing ever comes out right. /shrug

Oh look! It's 25th September! Happy birthday Hatake Kakashi~
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