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21 December 2014 @ 05:41 pm
My hero  
So last night I went swimming with my sisters.

I don't know how to swim, actually. *ashamed* But I could survive if you toss me into a swimming pool though. I know how to float and barely safely swim ashore, but I'd probably die if I'm thrown into a river. Or worse, the sea.

So yesterday, for some reason, I recalled a holiday I went, around 10 years ago, with my family, and my cousins and their families. We went to Melaka resort and rented a bungalow. I remembered swimming with my closest cousin, Yanie, in the pool behind the house. She was using the swimming board (if that is what it is called) while I used the Mickey-mouse-inflatable armbands, the one you placed around your arms. We were swimming happily, and all of a sudden, Yanie accidentally let go of her board and so she pulled me into the water together. It happened too quickly and we sort of pushing each other into the water to avoid sinking.

Well, long story short, while I was drowning, I saw my dad dived in and saved me.♡

So I dragged my sisters into the swimming pool at around 9pm, and asked them to teach me how to swim. They went for swimming classes. I didn't, because since that incident, I pledged to myself not to swim anymore. But as years go by, I think it is quite uncool not to know how to swim. Plus, it would be more fun if I could swim in the sea should I go to the beaches someday. Or lakes. Or rivers. Or swimming pool. One thing for sure, I could save myself from drowning.
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kame_no_arashikame_no_arashi on December 21st, 2014 10:58 am (UTC)
i can't say anything because i grew up around the pool so i love playing in water.

the swimming board you are refering to, if I have the right image of what you're talking about, is called a "kick board."

i hope you learn how to swim!!! imagine your favorite je saying their type is a girl who knows how to swim hahaha